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April 8: According to my records, tonight's Women's Basketball National Championship Game will be the 53rd meeting between AP #1 and #2.

March 17: Need help filling out your bracket? Try HuffPost's Predict-o-Tron.

March 17: The latest AP MBB poll has been posted and the Total Appearances are now current.

March 17: The latest AP WBB poll has been posted and the Total Appearances are now current.

February 26: The 2013 final AP football poll has been updated with a minor error in Chris Fowler's ballot. Originally it was thought that it wouldn't affect the rankings, but it did (Arizona State and Notre Dame switched positions).

January 7: Here are the milestones for the latest AP football poll:

Last Appearances:
- Oklahoma makes first appearance in the Top 10 since the 10/21/2012 poll (23 polls)
- South Carolina makes first appearance in the Top 5 since the 10/7/2012 poll (25 polls)
- UCF makes first appearance ever in the Top 10
- Vanderbilt makes first appearance in the Top 25 since the final 2012 poll (16 polls)

Weekly Streaks:
- Alabama's Top 5 streak ends at 48, Top 10 streak reaches 50
- Auburn's Top 25 streak reaches 10
- Florida State's Top 5 streak reaches 10
- Fresno State's Top 25 streak ends at 12
- Northern Illinois' Top 25 streak ends at 10
- Ohio State's Top 10 streak ends at 25
- Wisconsin's Top 25 streak reaches 10

Season Streaks:
- Boise State's final poll streak ends at 5
- LSU's final poll streak reaches 5
- West Virginia's final poll streak ends at 11

Total Appearances:
- Oklahoma State ties California for #39
- South Carolina ties Illinois for #44
- UCF ties Georgetown for #109
- Washington is at 399 and counting

December 16: In previous #1 vs #2 WBB matchups, Connecticut is 10-2 as the #1 team (3-0 on the road), and Duke is 1-0 as the #2 team (at home). Also, the #1 team is 6-6 in true road games vs #2.

December 13: How often has Wichita State been ranked higher than Kansas? (mentioned in this article from today's Wall Street Journal)

November 24: Random stat... Michigan has broken the all-time consecutive games scoring streak.

November 19: New research about AP #1s in football has been added.

November 16: A missing poll has been discovered and submitted by Kevin B. The November 18, 2003 poll (2004 season) has been verified and added to the database. Total Appearances for those teams appearing in the poll have been updated, which includes Stanford now with 200.

Any existing links to polls on or after 11/18/2003 will open the wrong poll.

November 12: Kentucky vs Michigan State was the 40th meeting of #1 and #2 (ESPN reported it as the 39th, but has not replied to my tweet). Each has won 20 games and averaged 74 points. The #1 team has lost seven of the last nine games.

Note: Since ESPN was also reporting prior/during the game that #1 had lost six of the last seven games, and I had six of eight, the one game in question may be the 1999 game between Duke and Michigan State. This game was also missing from the NCAA Records Book (my original source) and was brought to my attention by Kevin B.

November 1: "So you're telling me there's a chance." Since 1936, eight eventual AP National Champions (10%) were ranked outside the Top 10 at some point in November... Lowest Rank by Month for AP National Champions

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