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Number 1

AP National Championships (by team, conference, and coach)

Number 1 vs Number 2

AP #1 Game Results

Preseason vs Final Rankings of #1 Teams

Wire-to-Wire at #1

AP Polls With Unanimous #1

AP Polls with ties at #1:
August 26, 2002
October 20, 1992
October 27, 1941
November 27, 1939

NEW  Percent of First-Place Votes for the AP Preseason #1 Team

AP Preseason #1 that Finished #1 with Fewest Regular-Season Weeks at #1:
1985 Oklahoma (1)
1978 Alabama (2)
1975 Oklahoma (4)
1974 Oklahoma (5)
1951 Tennessee (5)

AP National Champions with only One Appearance at #1 During the Season:
2011 Alabama
2006 Florida
2005 Texas
2002 Ohio State
1992 Alabama
1989 Miami (FL)
1987 Miami (FL)
1986 Penn State
1983 Miami (FL)
1982 Penn State
1977 Notre Dame
1973 Notre Dame
1970 Nebraska
1965 Alabama
1964 Alabama
1946 Notre Dame

AP Preseason #1 with only One Appearance at #1 During the Season:
2012 USC
2008 Georgia
1989 Michigan
1984 Auburn
1976 Nebraska
1972 Nebraska
1971 Notre Dame
1966 Alabama
1965 Nebraska
1964 Mississippi

Lowest Rank by Month for AP National Champions

AP #1 wins but drops to #2

Most Points Allowed in One Game By an AP National Champion


Total Points in the AP Poll

AP Poll vs Harris Poll (preseason poll argument)

January 7, 1948 Special Poll (Michigan/Notre Dame controversy)

November 15, 1934 Poll

Dates of Preseason/First Polls 1995-Present

Never Been Ranked (now included in the Team Index)

AP Voting Guidelines

FBS Scoring Streaks

Modern Era of the AP Poll

Based on three factors -- preseason poll, number of voters, and number of teams ranked -- 1968 could be considered the start of the 'modern' era of the AP Poll.

The first preseason poll was in 1950. Although its usefulness or accuracy is often questioned, it does allow for a more complete view of a team's rise or fall during a given season.

Prior to 1960, the average number of voters per poll was 158 and varied greatly with as many as 409 for one poll in 1954. From 1960 to present, there has not been more than 79 voters in any one poll.

From 1936 to 1960, there were 20 teams ranked in the poll. That changed from 1961 to 1967 where all but one poll had just 10 teams. But in 1968 the poll went back to 20 teams and the poll has been pretty consistent ever since with only minor changes to the number of voters and teams.

Research from Others

If you have some research that you would like to publish here, or know of some located elsewhere on the internet, please contact me.

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BCS Rankings (1998-2013)

Total Appearances | National Championships

UPDATE  All BCS rankings have been added to the AP poll pages with the exception of a small percentage (3%) of teams ranked from #19 to #25 in the BCS that only appeared in the Others Receiving Votes section in the AP Poll. These BCS rankings will not display in the AP team week-by-week view, but are counted in the BCS total appearances.

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